The Writing Demon Comes Calling

You know those moments when that internal battle keeps at you until you cave a little praying and hoping it goes away. Well, that’s what happens while writing. It’s a thing called Writer’s Block. This is the demon that comes calling every so often. What is Writer’s Block you ask? Here’s’s definition:

usually temporary condition in which a writer finds it impossible to proceed with the writing of a novel, play, or other work.

The demon is one that all writer’s dread. We sit in front of the computer, hands on the keyboard, and staring at the screen. Our minds draw a blank. We keep staring, but nothing comes. The characters stop talking. The letters are under our fingers to form words. Still…nothing.

How do I overcome the nagging doubt that I’ll never get my novel written? Reading. Listening to music. Observing people. Watching crime documentaries (Forensic Files, Deadly Women, etc.). Sometimes I even watch a comedy to get my mind off writing for a while. Playing a game on my phone or iPad. Drinking my favorite tea. Coloring in my adult coloring book (animals, flowers & such). Petting my cat (in photo), who can be annoying at times, but as you can see, she tries to keep her mommy on track.

Cute, huh?

Every author is different in their response to Writer’s Block. It is hard to fight the blank inside your head-especially when it’s full of other things (i.e. all the things you have to do: marketing, editing, getting that load of laundry done, cooking dinner, updating your computer, did I feed the cat? etc.). These are small ways that help me get back into the writing game, back to doing what I love.

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