Coming Spring 2021: Like She Was Nothing

Mirror To Fear Ebook Cover

Mirror To Fear

A traumatic divorce. A troubling surprise. A sick game.

In the midst of a messy and bitter divorce, newly single mom Callie James wants nothing more than to go on with her life. But before she can settle into her new life, the arrival of a mysterious gift sets a deadly game of cat-and-mouse into motion.

She is being stalked on her morning runs, harassed with threatening notes, and is embroiled in a bitter custody battle over her teenage son. Callie’s life is falling apart and no one is taking her seriously.

Callie enlists the help of her best friend and private investigator, Karyn Snyder, to end this game once and for all. Yet their search leads them backwards, not forwards, in Toledo, Ohio. A city that holds much more than just precious childhood memories.

If Callie can’t unravel the dark secrets of her past, she might not have a future…

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Blood Ties and Alibis ebook cover by Leila Final

Blood Ties and Alibis

A twisted family secret. A dangerous game.

Fate Lively should feel relieved to be free from an abusive ex-husband and able to return to her job as a nurse. But just as her newfound life unfolds, odd occurrences happen, testing her sanity and rattling her peace of mind.

Now, Fate has to look over her shoulder everywhere she goes and finds herself on a life or death mission to expose her enemies as a horrific family secret unravels.

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The Psychopath's Prisoner

Cheyenne Harrington tries to adjust to life after a bad divorce when her apartment is ransacked. She is terrorized by an unknown force. Everywhere she looks, she wonders if each face she sees is the one who pillaged her apartment. Cheyenne starts to have second thoughts. She suspects her ex-husband but realizes it couldn’t be further from the truth.