COVID-19 And It’s Toll On Mental Health

This has definitely been a trying time for everybody during the Covid-19 pandemic. But it’s been especially difficult for those of us with a mental illness. Being isolated doesn’t help. It makes things a lot worse than before this pandemic. As if isolation helps anyone with a mental illness. Trust me. I know. This is a stressful time and such times can trigger negative thoughts causing mental break downs.

Image by Jesse Rachel Sharp

Even though I’ve been working outside the home during this time due to being considered an essential worker. However, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been affected. I sank down to one of my lowest points, and there have been many throughout the years, because of the extra isolation. Not being able to go places like we did before. Work, home, work, grocery store as needed, home, work, etc.

Sometimes isolation is good but not this much. Not to this extent. And definitely not to anyone with a mental illness. When you’re trapped inside your own head from day to day, it’s difficult enough. But when you have to deal with an unknown virus and being stuck at home for days, weeks, months, it makes it ten times harder. Being left alone to the things going on inside your head especially if you live alone, well, when you have more than one M.I. (shortened for mental illness) our M.I. can start deteriorating so much that for some it won’t end so well.

When people have to deal with their own mental illness and then a situation like we’re currently in, it is easily to trigger a mental breakdown.

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