Is Having A Mental Illness A Crime?

There’s something I’d like to address.

The police and all others who work with the general public need training on how to deescalate situations involving mental illness. They get crisis training, but it’s not enough. We should be forcing the police to take classes from mental health professionals because learning how to handle unpredictable situations better and learn sensitivity towards mentally ill people to reduce the death rates should be a priority. I understand that police officers face dangerous situations every day and that they’re here to protect and serve, but many times they take things too far. One of them is when they shoot and kill a person because they have this disease of the mind.

After all, mental illness isn’t a crime. Right?

Maybe it is: by society’s standards.

What it comes down to is: people fear what they don’t understand, including our public service officials.

The biggest thing we need to do is train public service officials on how to respond to people having mental breakdowns without shooting them. Or, at the very least, bring in mental health professionals to deescalate bad situations. They need to understand that the majority of us aren’t dangerous and that we never asked to have this. “Sane” people can be and often are far more of a danger than those with a mental illness. Being a danger to society is NOT mental illness-related. Doing bad things is a conscious choice. I wish everyone would understand this.

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Mental illness is something we’re born. Someone who tries to commit suicide can get arrested! Seriously? How does that deter someone from trying it again? Here’s another way of justifying mental health as a crime. Hence why our community is being judged and condemned. Just like the police shootings of mentally ill patients-IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!
The fact is that all we ever see in the news is African American/black people getting killed by the police. What about those who are mentally ill being killed by the police? We never see that. Why not? Don’t people who have mental illnesses lives matter, too? After all, mental illness knows no color, race, sexual orientation, religion, etc. The killings of any mentally ill people should be just as newsworthy. I’m not saying that black people deserve to die-not at all. No one deserves to die, but I think we should focus on society and their reactions to mental illness as a whole. Mental illness does not discriminate between the colors of our skin, as I mentioned above. It affects anyone and everyone it touches. That said, it doesn’t give the police the right to kill us. It’s difficult enough to have been touched by this disease of the mind. We need to stop the stigma and learn to co-exist with each other.
Let’s start by holding the police accountable for the murders of mentally ill people. We need to make the shooting of mentally ill people more publicized.

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I’d love to hear what your thoughts are about these topics.

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