Changes for Mental Health in the Workplace 2021

Apparently there are some changes coming to mental healthcare in 2021. It took a pandemic for companies to take it seriously. Why are they taking it seriously now? Because mental illness is rearing is ugly head while some people were cooped up for months. Mostly anxiety and depression. While I’m glad health care is getting better (after I read the article from the link below), I’m disappointed that it took a pandemic to make them take it seriously.

Actually, I take it back. I DO know why it’s a problem. It’s because so many regular employees keep calling or taking time off. Many people are feeling the mental strain of wearing face masks and face shields. Being isolated doesn’t help anyone’s state of mind. I know that mental health professionals and people who have a mental illness or illnesses have been fighting for this type of change. But, like everything else, I’ll believe it when I see it.



Businesses are only going to approve this new addition to insurance coverage to cover their own butts. I’m not saying that this change isn’t a positive one, but I’m not holding my breath. Only when it happens will I be happy. I’m just ashamed with businesses and insurance companies for not making this happen sooner. My gut tells me that we still have a long way to go if/when this comes to fruition. With everything going now, the ones who put this in motion can easily change their minds just as quickly as they implemented this new policy.

It’s pathetic that it has taken this long to do something about mental health insurance coverage. The main question we should all be asking is: Will it be for unlimited visits to a mental health professional? One can only hope. Also, what about people who don’t have a job with mental health insurance? What are they going to do about that? I know it’s great for workers that have easy access, but its completely unfair to those who are homeless or can’t work. In fact, no one should have to pay for mental health insurance or health insurance with all the taxes we pay as it is. But that’s a topic for another time.

Here’s a great article to read:

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