The Dark Places Our Minds Take Us

The mind is a complicated thing. It’s even more so when you have a mental illness. Sometimes it feels like your drowning in your own thoughts without understanding the what and why of them. Those wheels are constantly turning. It never stops even though we wish they would.

For me, who lives with anxiety and depression, my mind is constantly going. My thoughts are dark and I wonder if I’m worth living another day-even being on medication. The medication helps keep the chemical balance in check, but the thoughts don’t stop coming. But I fight the good fight every day.

 Image by nikko macaspac

I’ve always said and will continue to say that the mind is a complicated thing. Because it is. I mean, no one with a mental illness really has control over their own thoughts, especially when they turn dark.

Often I get thoughts that are so dark and depressing they scare me. I can only imagine what others have constantly running through the recesses of their minds. I know how I feel with my own thoughts. It’s pain, anguish, hopelessness, and feeling like I’m not worthy of living in this world. How does one overcome these thoughts and feelings? This is what we have to think about and live with everyday.

Just please try to show us some understanding and patience. We are struggling with this disease and don’t want to be judged by our condition. All we want to be is accepted. We’re drowning here. Help pull us out and lift us up. Or at the very least just be there for us.

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