Uniquely Mentally Ill

I know. This is a strange title for a blog post, but I want to focus on the fact that no two mental illnesses are alike. Like no two people are alike, no two mental illness experiences are alike. We all have our differences in thoughts, feelings, and how we handle everything we’re dealing with in our heads.

Most people with a mental illness/illnesses are lumped together. They think people experiencing one kind of mental illness go through it in the same way. But it’s simply not true. When I talk with others about depression and anxiety, which I too suffer from, they tell me some of their thoughts and feelings. Like, for example, they get angry for no apparent reason while I cry and lay in bed all day

Though, sometimes, it feels like we’re a burden on our loved ones. We don’t want to be. This is part of the reason why so many commit suicide. I’ve tried to commit suicide for years because I felt unworthy of the air I breathe and love from those around me who cared. But, please, don’t think that everyone thinks or feels the same as I did and sometimes still do.

Image by Alejandra Jimenez

Oftentimes, people have other reasons, whether reasonable or not, to have these thoughts. It’s like this for everyone with a mental illness.

Think of it like this: you and someone else experience the same cashier at the same grocery store. She’s ringing you out and doesn’t say a word the whole time. You and this other customer try talking to her, but she doesn’t talk back. You just shrug it off and say ‘oh well’ and pay for your items. As you leave, sad, because you just wanted a smile or her to say hello. The other person gets mad and starts yelling and screaming at her because they want her to talk and be friendly with them. It’s the same for those of us who have a mental illness.

This is what being uniquely mentally ill is like. No two people who have the same mental illness have the same experience with it whatever it may be. We are as unique with it as two snowflakes. Our thoughts and feelings are our own.

Just try to bear with us. We are struggling to handle our thoughts and emotions and it’s not easy. We just have our own unique and individual ways of dealing with these things.

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